Brides. Grooms. Couples. LISTEN UP! Do NOT write your vows on your wedding day! (Say it louder for the people in the back!) You got that? Do not write your vows on your wedding day.Do not write your vows on your wedding day.Do not write ANY vows on your wedding day! Don’t even think to […]

Don’t Write Your Vows on Your Wedding Day

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The holiday season has me thinking about my childhood. Did you know I grew up in the mountains? Yes, like TRULY the mountains of Pennsylvania.  I was raised in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. In the house that we lived in while I was growing up, I could walk out of any door in my […]

How my Childhood Inspires My Floral Arrangements

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At Flourish, we always try to think of ways we can be more sustainable with our services, especially when it comes to our floral designs. After finding out that on average 40% of the stems purchased by florist are thrown out we knew we had to switch up our practices to create the least amount […]

Sustainable Floral Designs with Flourish

About Us

Flourish did not grow overnight.  It took several years of long days (and nights), hours researching everything from how to become a wedding planner to how to run a business, venue visits, freelance jobs, meetings and networking, paid education and free courses, weddings and events, building a team, one rebranding, and so much more to […]

Flourish: Our Story

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